About Us

inicialApplied Bioanalytics was founded in 2021 by a core team of experts in the field of process analytical chemistry. Our aim was to form a privately owned company, which provides professional services for the biopharma, biomedical and food industry. We are specialized in state-of-the-art bioanalytical support utilizing the unique advantages of capillary electrophoresis.

Applied Bioanalytics has two locations situated in Hungary overseen by an international analyst and management team. Our laboratory operates in a modern facility and has an experienced staff of 6 people. Our specialists are frequently invited by NIST, among others, to join inter-laboratory ring studies.


Papers available online here: MCP, Electrophoresis, mAbs.


Our team, from the beginning, has been committed to unmatched excellence, both in utilizing cutting edge scientific technologies, and in providing highly personalized customer service.
Our company is dedicated to state of the art research and engaged in continuous development to establish novel bioanalytical methods. Among contributions to industry research in the biotech and food industries, we have and we are continuously looking for strong connections with partners seeking expertise in bioanalytical support.

Applied Bioanalytics is prepared to address demands with the latest technology, in conjunction with knowledge and experience. We provide detailed reports to ensure full clarity and understanding of the data and results. Each service is managed by an expert project manager and by a trained analyst who offer support throughout the project allowing for the creation of exclusive projects, flexibility in scheduling and a quick response time.

Quality assurance

We at Applied Bioanalytics are committed to delivering high quality and regulatory compliant services in a professional, efficient, timely and cost-effective manner while protecting our customer’s intellectual property. Our operation is certificated according to ISO 9001:2015 stadard by EMT Zrt, a National Quality Assurance Ltd. branch.

We utilize a laboratory information management system, which is a software-based solution ensuring the efficiency, reliability and safety of our operations.

Operation of Applied Bioanalytics is compliant with guidelines of Good Research Practices for nonclinical laboratory studies.

Applied Bioanalytics has an impressive track record with various national and international companies.