We are excited to announce our expansion of analytical services tailored specifically for the agro-industry. Our cutting-edge capabilities are designed to provide invaluable support to plant breeders and chemical Agrosciencemanufacturers in this vital sector. Our analytical services encompass the characterization of mycotoxins, antibiotics along with the determination of free amino acid content in hydrolysed protein fertilizers (HPFs). AB’s dedication to delivering top-tier analytical services ensures that the agro-industry can rely on us for accurate and timely insights, ultimately contributing to sustainable and productive agricultural practices.

1. Fertilizers: CE can determine the composition and concentration of different nutrients in fertilizers, helping optimize their formulations for specific crops.

2. Soil Nutrients: Analysis of soil extracts using CE can reveal the levels of essential nutrients like nitrates, phosphates, and potassium, aiding in soil fertility management.

3. Amino Acids and Proteins: CE is valuable for studying the composition and concentration of amino acids and proteins in plants, essential for their growth and development.

4. Plant Growth Regulators: CE can be utilized to detect and quantify plant growth regulators, which play a crucial role in crop development and yield.