Consumer health


With its high sensitivity and efficiency, our CE-based approach provides valuable insights into the formulation and quality control of cosmetics and healthcare items (such as creams, lotions, and oral supplements), contributing significantly to consumer confidence and regulatory compliance. This level of analytical precision is critical in an industry where product quality and safety are paramount, ultimately enhancing the reputation of our clients and bolstering their success in the market.


1. Cosmetics: Assessing the stability and efficacy of health products by monitoring changes in detergent and trans-thioglycolic acid (TGA) content via CE-MS and MEKC are important to ensure that the utilizedconcentrations are consistent and safe for use.

2. Herbal medicinal products: Checking the purity and concentration of plant-based alkaloids via CE-DAD, LVSS is crucial duringdrug development and drug release procedures.

3. Vitamins and antioxidants: Determination of vitamin and antioxidant levels in various healthcare products via CZE-UV and CE-MS is in high-importance during the QC operations and the approval of innovative offerings.

4. Pathogen and contaminant screening: Contaminant, allergen, or adulterant identification in health products via qPCR to ensure that they meet safety and regulatory standards.