Food and beverage


Our analytics yield essential information on food and beverage products, offering a comprehensive understanding of product composition, quality, and potential contaminants. Our goal is to ensure that every bFandBite and sip you take is not only tasteful but also safe and packed with the highest quality. This commitment to excellence not only safeguards consumers but also enables food and beverage companies to meet regulatory standards, enhance consumer trust, and thrive in a highly competitive market. 

1. Infant formulas: GOS and FOS analysis via CGE-LIF is important to check the quality and prebiotic characteristics of baby formulas.

2. Alcoholic beverages: Analysis of fermentable and non-fermentable sugars in beers, wines and other alcoholic drinks via CGE-LIF for the determination ofquality and origin.

3. Food additives:  Monosodium glutamate (MSG), benzoic acid (BA), and sorbic acid (SA) quantification via o-phthalaldehyde derivatization-based CZE-UV and
CE-MS quantification to minimize potential health risks to consumers.

4. Pathogen detection and food safety testing: Rapid and accurate detection of the presence of foodborne pathogens to prevent outbreaks of foodborne illnesses via real-time PCR (qPCR).